ocean plus----25kg--golden globe

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ocean plus (Op)

fragrant and effective retail-style general laundry wash powder

  • contains built-in fabric conditioner, fragrance and oxygen stain remover
  • soft and fresh results on towels and textiles
  • flushes easily, suitable for use in machines or for hand washing

boost with coloursafe on heavy staining and emulsifier if excess oil and grease are a problem. Apply in the wash stage

DESCRIPTION: A fully built detergent with added softening properties.

APPEARANCE: An off white free-flowing powder.

ODOUR: Characteristic

REACTION: Alkaline.

COMPOSITION: Nonionic surfactants, Phosphates, Sodium Silicat Sodium Sulphate, oxygen based bleach, anti redeposition agents, and optical brighteners agents, fabric conditioner concentrate and

APPLICATIONS: A built detergent is suitable for use domestic
washing machines, Industrial washing machines and for hand washing.


*Soft Water **Hard Water

Normal soiling 250gms 375gms
Heavy soiling 375 gms 500 gms
* Soft water is below 150 mg-1 Calcium Carbonate
** Hard Water is 150 - 300 mg-1 Calcium Carbonate
Hand Washing: 90 ml in water. Carefully dissolve
the powder before you put laundry into the water.
Heavily soiled washing loads may require extra
powder. For use in industrial machines contact our
Technical Department for advice.


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