Washing Powder

Washing  Powder

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1.Packaging: 10KG carton 2.What to use it for : Excellent..
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Excellent quality launderette style powder for general washing • Industrial quality results for the..
£9.99 £7.99
auto non bio  Non biological automatic powder  Superior results and economy on all c..
coloursafe (Cs) Excellent oxygen stain removal booster powder.  Professional oxy powe..
1.packaging :15kg /bag 2.Characteristics :Powerful in removing stai..
£16.99 £11.99
ocean plus (Op) fragrant and effective retail-style general laundry wash powder contains ..
opl powder (Opl) high oxygen content one shot powder • copes with high levels of staining on w..
  coloursafe (Cs)   1.Make cloth softer neater,more comrortable and easier to ..