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1. Plastic Hanger with Black Color   per475/Box 2. Size: 16.5'' length*9'' heigt. 3. Colo..
1.It is suitable for the skirts and pants,resued. 2.It has two clip can clamp the dress,two clip ca..
1.This is a Bronze Notched Hanger. 2.It is suitable for skirt,dress  and suit. 3.It has a hig..
Quality Strong Bronze Wire Steel Coat Garmen Hangers 1. Fine workmanship and quality of stro..
   Hanger Foam(5 mixed colours)-per500     made  in USA   ..
 1.Plastic Hanger with Black Color  2.per375/Box  ,77cm*43cm*46cm.  3. Net..
*FAST UK Delivery ,3 working day delivery, Luxury  Design ,UK stock* *** Fast & FREE UK ..
1.Satin Padded Coathanger in Ivory - deluxe garment hanger 2.Per 50/box 3.Color:Ivory 4.Wei..
1.Shirt hangers are especially shaped for hanging shirts. 2.It has a more optimized design. 3.It c..
£26.49 £19.99
  1.It is for the dust on the clothes of the shoulder. 2.Material: 55g/m2  two-sid..
1. Shoulder Guards  - Pad out the shoulders of jackets and suits 2. Per 400/box  &..
Skirt /Trousers Clip-Plastic Reused-per500   1.Secure re-usable skirt clip for all types ..
1.Strut Coat Hangers - White hangers with integral trouser guards 2.Its function is very powerful..
£18.49 £16.99
1.Its function is very powerful,Such as suits,trousers, shirts and skirts. 2.It used the material i..
1.Trouse Guards - Pad out the shoulders of jackets and suits 2.Per 2500/box 3.Color:White+wh..