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Comfort Fabric softener (lily)-- Comfort is a brand name for fabric softener sold by Unilever in ..
  DX PERC   perchloroetgylene  --PURE TOP PERC (>99.9%) 1,Top quality..
Globe FINISH (Af) Appearance         Colourless to pale straw liquid pH..
dry bleach 10 Safe fast and effective action at lower temperatures.  Slow release concen..
PROFESSIONAL SPOTTER KIT with rust remover Comprehensive kit of 3 stain removers in appli..
•Wet cleaning main wash detergent. •For gentle and effective washing of delicate textiles and ..
AUROPUR 3 CL DRY Cleaning Main Detergent/PERCHLORETHYLENE Efficiency: it has excellent soil di..
AUROPUR DUO Dry Cleaning Main Detergent For PERCHLORETHYLENE and HC- SOLVENT Efficiency: ..
PERC 1% Cleaning booster with acid binders and tangyfresh scent &nbs..
BUSSETTI FLAROSOL 31N PRE-SPOTTER use in PERC--10kg 1,Solvent: PERC 2,Use: Undiluted 3,Applicati..
FLAROSOL HC-B  Read More Details ​ Chemical composition Combination of selected deterg..