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Comfort Fabric softener (lily)-- Comfort is a brand name for fabric softener sold by Unilever in ..
Globe FINISH (Af) Appearance         Colourless to pale straw liquid pH..
  PERC --PURE TOP PERC (>99.9%) 1,Top quality superstablised virgin perchloroethylene. ..
dry bleach 10 Safe fast and effective action at lower temperatures.  Slow release concen..
PROFESSIONAL SPOTTER KIT with rust remover Comprehensive kit of 3 stain removers in appli..
•Wet cleaning main wash detergent. •For gentle and effective washing of delicate textiles and ..
AUROPUR 3 CL DRY Cleaning Main Detergent/PERCHLORETHYLENE Efficiency: it has excellent soil di..
AUROPUR DUO Dry Cleaning Main Detergent For PERCHLORETHYLENE and HC- SOLVENT Efficiency: ..
PERC 1% Cleaning booster with acid binders and tangyfresh scent &nbs..
BUSSETTI FLAROSOL 31N PRE-SPOTTER use in PERC--10kg 1,Solvent: PERC 2,Use: Undiluted 3,Applicati..
FLAROSOL HC-B  Read More Details ​ Chemical composition Combination of selected deterg..