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1.Trouse Guards - Pad out the shoulders of jackets and suits 2.Per 500/box 3.Color:White ..
1.It is suitable for the skirts and pants. 2.It has two clip can clamp the dress,two clip can slide..
Quality Strong Bronze Wire Steel Coat Garmen Hangers   fine workmanship and quality of..
1.Used to hang the curtains, 2.It has a white paper tube. 3.the best companion of the curtain. 5...
1.This is a Golden Notched Hanger.  2.It is suitable for skirt and lady's suit. 3.It has a hi..
1.Highly active filter powder for regenerating solvent liquors in drycleaing. For use in Perc, hyd..
AUROPUR 3 CL DRY Cleaning Main Detergent/PERCHLORETHYLENE Efficiency: it has excellent soil di..
BUCOFRESH CONC  Read More Details Dry Cleaning Main Detergent/PERCHLORETHYLENE Efficie..
FLAROSOL 31N  Read More Details Chemical composition Combination of selected detergent..
• Flexible • Reliable • Easy-to-use Brightlogic is such a flexible system that it's ideal ..
1.Model:XGQ-15F 2.Washing capacity :15kg  3.Drum size:720*380mm   4.Motor po..
Features: The form finisher is designed as human body c..
Model:WTJ-75 3 month guarantee ( industry use )​ Main Parameter : Capacity : 7.5kg Siz..