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Product code      210 Appearance        clear amber liquid pH n..
ASHORE FRESH (Dap)  Dry Cleaning Detergent with Cologne Fragrance Noticeable anti-stati..
ASHORE SPOTBUSTER Brilliant spray-on prespotter for water based stains An outstanding dry cl..
auto non bio  Non biological automatic powder  Superior results and economy on all c..
concentrated dry cleaning detergent for an excellent finish! New fabric softener with a soph..
Dry Bleach 10% - 10kg For the effective removal of residual alkali and chlorine in the wash proce..
Dry Bleach Powder 16%    10 Kg Safe fast and effective action at lower temperature..
DRY CLEANING DETERGENT Simply apply directly to stain prior to dry cleaning Excellent dry cl..
  everbrite (E) additive for removal of metal salts ? concentrated liquid additive..
Globe FINISH (Af) Appearance         Colourless to pale straw liquid pH..
  sodium hypochlorite destainer (Sh) Professional full strength liquid chlorine bleach. ..
Hydrogen Peroxide Destainer (Hp) Blue bottle (25L) Product code  116 Appearance  &n..