High Speed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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High Speed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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Instruction for Operation
Before Operation 
1.Never operate the machine unless its oil pan has been filled with oil.
2.After setting up the machine, check the direction of motor rotation. To check it and turn the hand wheel by hand to bring the needle down, and turn the power switch ON while observing the hand wheel. (The hand wheel should turn counterclockwise as observed from the hand wheel side.)
3.Do not use a larger motor pulley for the first one month.
4.Confirm that the voltage and phase (single or 3-phase) are correct by checking them against the ratings down on the motor nameplate.

Operation Precaution 
1.Keep your hands away from the needle when you turn the power switch ON or while the machine is operation.
2.Do not put your fingers into the thread take-up cover while the machine is operating.
3.Be sure to turn the power switch OFF before tilting the machine head or removing the V belt.
4.When an operation leaves from the machine, make sure to turn off the power.
5.During operator, be careful not to allow your or any other person’s head or heads to come close to the hand wheel, V belt, bobbin winder or motor. Also, do not place anything close to them. Doing so may be dangerous.
6.If your machine is provided with a belt cover, finger guard or other protectors, do not operate your machine with any of them removed.
7.Do not clean the face of machine head with thinner..

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