Srcub Silicone Sponge for Shoes Cleaning 8cm*8cm*8cm

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New Srcub Silicone Sponge for Shoes Cleaning  8cm*8cm*8cm

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Srcub Silicone Sponge for Shoes Cleaning  8cm*8cm*8cm
1. Material: high quality silicone sponge
2. Color: yellow
3. Density: silicone density 0.14g/CM3
4. Cell: small cell/big cell
5. Diameter:8cm*8cm*8cm
6. Use high-streth silicone material,excellent flexibility and resilience,stronger cleanig ability, long life span.
7. Feature: excellent flexibility and resilience,rough surface but soft hand-fell,long life span,stronger scrub ability,exclusive shape design for washing shoes,strong cushioning and support effects.effctively avoid damage and deformation of shoes,effectively save  labor and energy consumption.The non-water absorption characteristics of silicone spone make the product light weight and won't result in the burden of the machine.
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