Blue Terylene Iron Table Press Cover 49" (PONY)

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Blue Terylene Iron Table Press Cover 49" (PONY)

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1.Press Cover Blue Tridura - Hard wearing, low slip Press Cover
2.Size: 49" 
3.Material: 200g/m2  
     1) High temperature resistance, not easy to fold, in the ironing process is not easy to burn.
     2) 3D design with perfect folding,matches the machine well. Double stiching edge,more beautiful and more durable.High-quality polyester fabric cover,high temperature 
         resistance with excellent 
     3) Color fastness,no fading or shading while washed with professional detergents.

    1)   Prevent the fabric from being ironed directly because the iron temperature is too high.With a layer of cloth, even if the temperature of the iron is too high, it can delay the transfer

          of temperature. If there is a scald in the cloth, it will be found immediately, so that the fabric will not be damaged.

    2)   A layer of cloth on the fabric can make the ironing surface smooth and prevent ironing crease due to fabric movement;

    3)   It is separated by padding cloth to prevent the metal surface of the iron from producing iron marks directly on the fabric due to uneven pressure;

    4)   Prevent the iron metal surface from sliding and rubbing on the fabric, so that the surface of the clothing is reflective and shiny;

    5)  sometimes can spray water on the mat cloth, so that it maintains a certain humidity, can make the ironing temperature uniform, the surface of clothing to keep cool.


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