DL-9 semi-automatic steam generator

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DL-9 semi-automatic steam generator

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1.Voltage rating: 220V

2.Wattage: 2500w+900W

3.Steam pressure:3Mpa

4.Water capacity: 2.5L


6.Working time:Continuous


8.Size of host machine:38*26*26mm

9.Weight of complete machine:9KG(including iron)

10. Automatic water pumping device is adopted for long time non-top running.

High quality stainless steel is used for the internal bladder of the boiler furnace,safe in operation.

11. Generating steam fast,only 5minute after staring up.Electric steam iron,with best ironing effect.Suitable for sample designer and laundry.


  Instruction Manual



The Instruction Manual is necessary for your correct operation of the machine.

Be sure to read carefully the instruction manual and fully understand its contents before you start to use the machine.Please carefully keep this instruction manual for future necessary reference.


Requirements and Precautions

  1. Proper operation and regular maintenance of their on are indispensable in order to use it safely in along time.Before starting any maintenance, please read the general precautions in this manual carefully and fully understand the contents.

In addition, please consult our company in case the machine is to be used for other


  1. Please attach this Instruction Manual to the machine in case of resale or tenancy of the machine.In addition, the Instruction Manual will be available upon your application to our company in case your Instruction Manual is lost.
  2. In the Instruction Manual, "Warning"symbol appears next to a point that may cause

fatal accident or conflagration if users do not observe; "Caution"symbol appears to a point that may cause mechanical damage or malfunction, or personalinjury if users do not observe.

4.0ur company will not take any responsibility for any application of operation methods which are not included in the Instruction Manual, or for the cases of non observance of the indications of"Warning"or"Caution".


  1.  1 water jug for adding water(2.5L)          
  2. 1 set of electric-heated vapr iron
  3. 1 set of supporting frame for vapor throat of iron
  4.  1 instruction manual.


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