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SSX Series Garment Conveyor  Installation instruction book


First of all thank you to purchase and use our products, I hope our products can in your work to bring you the convenience and comfort.

Before using this unit, please read this manual. So that you can safe, correct operation and maintenance, and makes the machine has long maintained good working state.

  • Feature:
  1. Stable start and performance, power saving, low noise and simple installation.
  2. Uses SPHC steel plate as raw material for ring track and stainless steel hanging piece.
  3. Easy to operate, easy to hang, it is a must-have equipment designed for large dry cleaners and laundry.


  • Main technical parameters

.Voltage:220V/380V         Power frequency:50HZ

   Power:750W                      Spacing of hanging:24mm

  Hanger: 315                           Dimension: 3.44x2x0.84m


  • Installation
  1. Unpacking acceptance, inventory of machine parts and random accessories;
  2. Install the machine horizontally in a ventilated and dry space, power supply must have a reliable safety ground wire;
  3. Install step by step according to the assembly drawing and steps (attached);
  4. Press the left green button to turn left, press the right green button to turn right, press the red button to stop, stop at your ideal position to hand and take clothes.


  • Notice:
  1. The power plug must have a reliable safety ground wire, and the safety ground wire and the neutral wire must be strictly separated.
  2. Double check the power supply voltage of your conveyor, 220V or 380V.  Avoid damage to circuit components or motors, or even more serious damage.
  3. Power off when not using.
  4. Do not over hanging on the side of the stainless steel plate.
  5. Do not adjust the structure of the gearbox and the turntable. If you want to remove or replace the gearbox, pay attention to the adjustment of the center positioning point.
  6. Do not reach your hand into the channel rail, the turntable and the motor triangle.
  7. Regular maintenance contents are: observe the fixed channel steel track gusset, landing machine feet and suspension fixed whether there is unstuck, observe whether the channel rail interface docking is still flat, carefully observe the track Whether the bearings inside are off, observe whether the gearbox leaks oil, and check whether the motor triangle belt is slack. When the machine is working, observe whether the movement is smooth, stable, and whether there is abnormal sound.


  • Circuit diagram


Note:The image shown is only for reference , please make the object as the standard.


Widly used in laundry room ,dry cleaning shops, garments factories. Easy operation and maitainance, extremely practicable, very good performance.
Model Unit SS-308
Hanging NO. Nos 308
Dimension(LxWxH ) mm 3600x700x2000
Voltage V 220
Power kw 0.75
Packing Size(LxWxH ) mm 3555x800x1950
Weight Kg 150


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