bucofresh knoz-main detergent(25l)-steam

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bucofresh knoz-main detergent(25l)-steam

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Dry Cleaning Main Detergent/PERCHLORETHYLENE


BUCOFRESH CONC shows an excellent cleaning and antistatic effect even if used in small concentrations. The regular and sufficient addition of BUCOFRESH CONC. levels the pH-value of the solvent to always above neytral (slightly alkaline) conditions. Perfumed

Chemical composition

Combination of selected detergents and surface active substances free of chlorinated solvents.


Flowery scented, concentrated dry cleaning soap with lint ball dissolver and acid binding additives for the use in perchlorethylene. BUCOFRESH KONZ. has good dirt dissolving capacity and a very good soil suspending property. It has no negative influence on the filter performance or the distillation and it is not corrosive to metals. Even at low concentrations BUCOFRESH KONZ. has an excellent cleaning effect and water binding properties that reduce the risk of greying significantly. BUCOFRESH KONZ. also has antistatic properties that reliably prevent a linty cloth. It contains carefully selected emulsifying agents that prevent lint deposit in the cleaning machine. Proper application of BUCOFRESH KONZ. keeps the pH-value of the solvent steadily over the neutral (slightly alkalic) range. The use of neutralising agents is no longer necessary.



for one or two-bath-process:0.5% of weight of goods

PERC 0.5% Cleaning booster concentrate with acid binders, excellent antistatic effect and steam resistant tangy fresh scent.


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