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Power: 6kw+6kw
Steam pressure:0.4~0.7Mpa
Steam quantity:17.2kg/h
Water volume:  28L
Packing size:78*47*115cm
Weight: 69kg

Operation Instructions

   Thank you very much for using our products. In order to make our service Better, please ensure to read the directions before using. Or please keep later uses.

(1). Characteristics of the functions

  1. The machine is made into a enclosed round body by using stainless steel .it has been guaranteed to be a secure product by the test of burning and pressing.
  2. Apart from the press indicator and the relief valve, the machine has also been equipped with multiple safeguard of auto pressure control. When the barometric pressure reaches a certain set degree, the machine will be barometric pressure becomes under minimum degree, the machine will resume the heat.
  3. The pot body and the water tank are made of stainless steel, so as well as the purified water is colorless, the ironed thing will not be destroyed, stained or present a burnish face.
  4. The machine is equipped with high pressure auto watering stage pump. It can water the pot and endless.
  5. The machine has three loading capacity of switch 3-6-9 for user to choose.


  1. The power service is using 3-phase &4-line removing device. During the transport , please
  2. Please connect the tap water to the in-water hole. In case of no tap water could be added into the water tank.
  3. Connect the sillicagel pope to the steam-releasing valve and the in-steam hole of the steam iron and them. Make the power source switch to the ON position .The pump will water the pump automatically .The machine will stop when it has reached the set level. Meanwhile, the indicator will light. Open the out - dirty vale, the rate will be let off. When it reaches a certain degree, the water pump will begin to work automatically and water the pump again. After about the seconds watering, the machine is right in controlling circuitry and closing the heating of all the valve.
  4. When the steam pressure reaches 0.38mpa, the working indicator will go out and the yellow lamp of the pressure alarm will light. Open the out - steam valve to let off stem. When it becomes under 0.3mpa, the pressure alarm light will light .it will resume heating. After these tests, the machine can come into use. After using, please cut the power source, let off the remaining steam and the water, and keep the container clean to make the service life long.


  1. If the machine doesn’t work after it or the heating is too slow, please check the power source whether it phase or the line zero has not been connected.
  2. During operation, if the alternating current contact keeps on switching, please check whether the power pressure is too low or whether the ball float level relay’s line and the contact are alight. (IF it is plate level relay, check whether the two probe wires have been well connected, the line No, 5 is connected to the unde–water –level of the probe wire and line No.7 is connected to the over water-level of the probe wire. Line No.6 is connected to that of that of the pot body.
  3. When the steam pressure reaches 0.38mpa, the alternating current contact will keep on altering because of the bad contacting of the pressure controller.
  4. When the machine is used the first time or used a long time period, the red lamp light but the water pump doesn’t work. It is because of the scale on the vane of the water pump. You'd better switch it off and open the back cover of the water pump and trun the spin axis,  Then it will be alight.
  5. If the water pump keeps on heating water, please check whether the level is good. If it is bad, change it.
  6. If the machine works, properly the previous day and the water in the pot over flows the next day. It is because you have not left off the remaining steam when you stop the machine previous day. After cooling down, the remaining steam will form a negative pressure in the pot and make the water in water tank back into the pot .you can open the out-dirty valve and let the remaining water off have another try.


  1. When the machine is used, please ensure it is protected by the ground line.
  2. When the machine comes to the market, all the components have been adjusted.  You should not adjust then ramdemly or replace them with other high capacity relief valve, insurance equipment or other components transferred, it is because there is some atmosphere in the water pump after it is out of water. You can open the out-water hole of the pump and let the air off.
  3. After three month’s using, you should knock down the electrothemal pope and clean the scale of the pot to ensure the steam volume, the purity of steam and make the service life longer.
  4. The pressure controller and the safety valve should be tested and adjusted by local stand measuring bureau.
  5. When it is under the cooling state, the insulation resistance should be over mega-ohm
  6. When you check and change some components, please cut off the power source, let off the remaining steam.

Special attention please: after one year’s using make the machine tested by local stand measure bureau. As well as it is qualified, it can be used.



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