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Views: 417 Brand: Bussetti
Product Code: FLARSOL DUO(25L) PRE-SPOTTER perc& hcs
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  • Application FLAROSOL DUO is an initial brushing and spraying detergent with fibre protection for the use as prespotting agent in hydrocarbon solvent and perchlorethylene. FLAROSOL DUO has a very high dirt dissolving capacity against persistent general soilings and a very good soil suspending property. It does not impair the dying and can be used for white and colored textiles (hem test). FLAROSOL DUO has no negative influence on the filter performance or the distillation (low foaming) and it is not corrosive to metals.
  • Properties Appearance: yellow liquid Density (20°C): approx. 1,0 g/cm3 pH-value (10%): approx. 7 Charge: mixed ionogen
  • Dosing After stain removal; to cover the areas which are treated with UNISOL and heavy soiled parts of the fabric. Use initial spraying: balloon cloth, wardrobe, wool, silk, other sensitive fibres: FLAROSOL DUO can be used to spray on directly. Performing of the hem test is mandatory! initial brushing: In case of persistant soilings, for exaple on: collars, revers, wristbands, trousers guard, and balloon clothing it is recommend to use FLAROSOL DUO directly for initial brushing. Hem test is mandatory. Use-Level The optimized dosing level has to be determined by test or by experience.
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